The complete solution to continuous emissions monitoring and reporting

UniDAS enables the user to monitor and generate the necessary reports. It contains everything necessary to meet EPA standards and is compatible with all web browsers.

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Alarm Monitoring

UniDAS has an intuitive dashboard that can be used for integrated active alarm monitoring for different CEMs Systems.

Real-time Data

UniDAS offers real-time data that displays DAS calculations plus all the emissions quantities inside a single window.

Report Generator

The UniDAS report generation produces all the essential types of reports. These include Extended Emissions, Excess Emissions, Availability, Alarms and Calibration reports. It also allows for averaging of emissions reports for spans of 1 minute, 15 minutes and 24 hours.



The UniDAS has the ability to accept input from external instruments categorized as analogue input, digital input or OPC. The imported data can be used for a number of functions or integrated within the system such as Emissions log, assessed for alarm conditions and recorded in the Calibration log. Reports can also include data from these external instruments. Custom external interfaces are available upon request.