Cabinet Control & Management Unit


  • Power On/Off process is controlled by a Cabinet Control & Management Unit (CCMU) that is powered up as soon as the AC power source is available, and the circuit breaker is turned on
  • Operation is initiated through the Cabinet Control Panel (CCP). The CCP contains the switches and indicators require for starting up the cabinet’s operation
  • Cabinets are controlled and managed via on-board Cabinet Control & Management Unit (CCMU) loaded with a fully integrated Cabinet Management Program (CMP). For advanced setup, such as network and cyber security management, the cabinet is equipped with on-board KVM
  • The CMP software is provided fully integrated with every cabinet. The CMP monitors, controls and manages the overall operation of the cabinet’s equipment. It also provides the ability to remote monitoring and controlling of other cabinets which are part of the Data Center
  • The CMP supports three levels of operation:
    • USER: Status monitoring only password protection shall be required
    • TECH: Password protected and allows for modification of system parameters
    • ADMIN:  Requires two levels of authentication full access to servers and network devices