Deployment Platforms



Patrol Corvette Generation 4

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The Generation 4 Corvette is a missile boat used mainly in the Israeli and South African Navy.

Patrol Corvette Generation 5

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The Generation 5 is a fast attack missile corvette. With the accumulated experience of hundreds of thousands of operational hours. The Generation 5 is the perfect solution for naval warfare.

Patrol Corvette Generation 6

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The Generation 6-class of corvettes includes a series of four new warships being built by ThyssenKrupp Marine Systems (TKMS). Based on the German MEKO 100 patrol corvette, the Generation 6-class is designed to offer enhanced attack capabilities compared to its predecessor Generation 5 class.

Fast Patrol Boat I

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The 35m (P350) and 27m (P270) Fast Patrol Vessels are high‐speed craft capable of medium endurance patrol and intercept missions in littoral and territoria waters for up to six days with accommodations for up to 18 personnel. Maximum speeds are over 40 kts with vessel range of 650 nm at cruising speed of 25 kts.

Fast Patrol Boat II

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patrol boat is a relatively small naval vessel generally designed for coastal defense duties. There have been many designs for patrol boats. They may be operated by a nation's navy, coast guard, or police force.


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The Dolphin class is a diesel-electric submarine constructed by Howaldtswerke-Deutsche Werft AG in Kiel, Germany. The first boats of the class were based on the export-only German 209-class submarines, but modified and enlarged.