• High-performance Radar Data Acquisition and processing platform that can capture and process one or two radar videos with up to 50MHz sample rate and a programmable pre-trigger compensation
  • On-board ACP/ARP antenna position, 12 bit parallel azimuth
  • Two 24” Main Display with resolution of 19200 x 1200
  • High-performance mission critical server
  • 10.4” Multi-Touch Display 
  • Multiple Programmable Smart Switches Panels
  • Multiple Programmable Remote Control Panel
  • Optional Video Distribution over IP  
  • 4 x 1GbE interface
  • Stereo Audio subsystem:
    • Built-in two Speakers
    • Dual front Headset interface 
    • Separate Volume control for Speakers and Headset
    • Ship Audio Interface via Voice Terminal

SA’AR 6 Patrol Corvette

SA’AR 4.5 Patrol Corvette

SA’AR 4 Patrol Corvette