Cabinet Remote Control Panel


The Remote Control Panel (RCP) provides centralized location for all IT cabinets installed on the ship. It consists of control modules, each supporting remote control function for each cabinet. Each interfacing through dedicated remote control cable. Each module is fully independent and powered up by the respected cabinet.


When the designated cabinet is set to Remote mode, the LED is green and the power on/off switch is enabled. When the designated cabinet is set to Local mode, the LED is red and the power on/off switch is disabled.

ON/OFF Switch

This switch is enabled only in remote mode. When pressed in, the LED lights green and power up sequence of the designated cabinet is initiated. When de-pressed, power off sequence is initiated and the LED lights amber. To avoid accidental activation, the switch is protected by spring loaded cover. Additionally, switch must be pressed for at least 3 second to be activated. 


When Battle-Short switch is activated on the designated cabinet, the LED is red. When the switch is de-activated, the LED is off), powering up the cabinet will be permitted only if environmental conditions are within operational limits set for the designated cabinet.

T/H Indicator

When LIT red, indicates high temperature or high humidity condition